Everything You Need to Know About Furniture Assembly Service

Sep 4, 2023

Furniture assembly is complicated; it is more than simply unpacking the box and arranging it in its proper location. It involves understanding complex instructions, and a lot of sorting, installing, and tightening all the pieces to make it a whole.

For that reason, most homeowners and business owners seek qualified professional furniture assembly services to ensure the accurate and timely assembly of furniture pieces. With these services, you don’t have to handle components clumsily. Instead, you can focus on other responsibilities while specialists take furniture delivery and installation.

To further encourage you, here’s everything you need to know about why professional furniture assembly service is the best option.

When did furniture assembly services first become available?

Furniture assembly is a relatively new sector that surfaced in response to the increasing need for simple and practical furniture delivery and installation. Although there is no definitive time when it began, the furniture assembly service concept has evolved.

This service became even more popular during the twentieth century when consumers became more accustomed to quick services. To alleviate the time-consuming and challenging nature of furniture installation, an increasing number of specialised furniture assembly service providers, such as Total Business Furniture, are popping up to meet this demand.

What are the advantages of employing furniture assembly services?

Total Business Furniture, like every great company in the furniture industry, stands true to our statement of “quality business furniture at an affordable price.”
To ensure our services and products exude quality and cost-effectiveness, here are some of the benefits we provide when you hire our professional team:

1. Expertise
Not every piece of furniture is as simple as a round coffee table in black; most products involve multiple parts, screws, components, etc., necessitating crucial organisational skills and experience to effectively and promptly assemble each piece into complete furniture work.
For example, if you need a cabinet, expect it to be more extensive and more challenging to assemble and install, especially if it includes a frame, doors, and shelves. Without experience, you can incorrectly connect and attach parts, which might be frustrating. Consider the inconvenience of disassembling it repeatedly until you get it right.
Other types of furniture, especially those purchased in flat-pack form, will also need to be organised. Hiring furniture delivery and installation professionals will assist you in avoiding this inconvenience.

2. Tools
You need the right tools to ensure the furniture assembly is done right. Professionals have the correct tools and equipment since it helps their businesses thrive. They efficiently and effectively build your furniture using some of the tools listed below:

  • Power drills and drivers: This equipment can help speed up the assembly process by drilling holes, inserting screws, and tightening nuts.
  • Allen wrenches: These might come in various sizes depending on the furniture style. This tool can tighten bolts and screws of the appropriate size.
  • Pliers: Pliers can keep small parts in place during installation or bend metal pieces into position.
  • Rubber mallet: This lightweight hammer-like tool is used to tap items into place to prevent furniture damage.
  • Level: This tool is used to ensure that furniture is straight and level, enhancing stability and practical function.

3. Safety

Apart from being big, some furniture designs pose electrical and chemical risks.

Some furniture, for example, may require the use of adhesives and chemicals. Without sufficient information, you may mishandle substances, harming your health. Another scenario would be electrical wiring inclined furniture, which could result in an electric shock if done incorrectly.

In addition to these hazards, practically all tools, such as screwdrivers and drills, have sharp edges. When mishandled, it might cut a wound on your flesh. Worse, a severe body injury would occur if you undertook the procedure with inadequate knowledge of furniture delivery and installation safety practices.

What qualities should a furniture assembly service provider have?

Furniture assembly services can save you time and effort while guaranteeing your furniture is appropriately and safely installed. With a growing need for convenience, new businesses are springing up to assist households and business owners alike.

However, not all service providers adhere live up to their brands. Some are only interested in generating money than helping consumers with quality product or service offerings. To avoid this, look for the following characteristics in your service providers:

  • Extensive product range
  • Extended warranties
  • Best price guarantee
  • Free designs and quotes
  • Exceptional customer service

These characteristics are part of Total Business Furniture’s commitment to giving quality and value in every process and product we offer. Hiring a professional furniture assembly service provider can help reduce the risk of injury or damage to property, as they have the expertise and experience to assemble furniture safely and efficiently.

How can you get our products and services?

Please browse the products on our website to get the furniture you require for your business. If you need clarification, reach out to us by email or phone to discuss your needs and obtain a price.

If you want additional services such as delivery and installation, we will make every effort to schedule a delivery date and time that is convenient for you. We will conduct a quality check after the product is delivered and assembled to guarantee everything is in working order.

If there is any question or damage after we leave, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced staff; we will gladly assist you with your problems and concerns.

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Property with Furniture? Allow the Experts to Work Their Magic!

If you require items and furniture assembly services that meet the highest industry standards, please get in touch with Total Business Furniture at 1300 362 045 or enquiries@totalbusinessfurniture.com.au.

And when you choose us, we guarantee to beat any competitor’s low pricing. We dare to state, “Found a lower price? Let us know, and we will beat it!” Contact us today to learn more about the details and limitations of our guarantee.



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