A Guide: 4 Features of a Comfortable Office Chair in Australia

Sep 4, 2023

Office work can be exhausting in some ways, mainly because it is sedentary. You have a habit of sitting in the same chair, performing monotonous tasks, and exerting mental focus on complex tasks. That is why companies go to great lengths to boost employee motivation, and the least you can get is a comfortable office chair in Australia.

Whether the style is a boardroom chair or a leather office chair in Brisbane, comfortable furniture can help employees work more efficiently and productively. When you are at ease, you are less likely to be distracted by discomfort and can concentrate more on your work.

In other words, a good office chair is one way to combat the menial nature of office work. So, how do you know it gives off “comfort”? ” Read on to find out.

A Travel in Time: Why is There a High Demand for Good Office Chairs?

The hype of ergonomic and comfortable office chairs began to swarm in every company in the mid-twentieth century. Workplace ergonomics became more mainstream as businesses recognised the benefits of providing comfortable and ergonomic workstations to improve employee health and productivity.

In addition, according to a recent survey conducted by the National Ergonomics Conference and Expo, 92% of employees believe that having an ergonomic chair is essential for their comfort and productivity.
As a result, providing ergonomic office chairs and workstations is now standard practice in many businesses, as they recognise the value of providing a safe and comfortable work environment for their employees.

4 Characteristics That Indicate You Have a Comfortable Office Chair

While there is no direct link between lousy office chairs and unproductive employees, there is evidence that providing comfortable and ergonomic chairs can improve employee comfort and productivity.
If you want to be more productive or own a business to increase team retention, start investing in business furniture. To help you decide, keep the following features in mind:

Feature #1: Lumbar Support
Slouching after work hours has become habitual for most office workers, causing lower muscle strain and discomfort. A back injury is far worse.
Fortunately, lumbar support chairs, such as those found in office boardroom chairs, help to alleviate this strain by filling the gap between the lower back and the back of the chair, providing support where it is most needed. This helps to keep the spine’s natural curve, relieving pressure on the lower back muscles and allowing you to relax.
The term “lumbar” implies that the chair must be capable of supporting your lower back, surrounding and protecting your cord, and allowing smooth bodily function or motion.

Feature #2: Seat Padding
Sitting on a cushioned office chair while walking from one desk to another would be ideal for working in an office. And if you’re a business owner with clients waiting for you in the waiting room, wouldn’t it be nice if they felt relaxed while sitting in cushioned waiting room chairs?

When looking for the most comfort, look for the seat padding. It cushions and supports your buttocks and thighs, reducing discomfort, pain, and injury caused by prolonged sitting. And by allowing some parts of your body to rest, you are more evenly distributing your weight and reducing pressure on any area of your body.

Feature #3: Adjustable
Everything, from the height to the armrest, must be adjustable. This is significant because each worker has different body types and needs, and a flexible and comfortable office chair in Australia can assist in understanding everyone’s uniqueness.

Here are some examples of different adjustment types to get you started:

  • Seat Height Adjustment: Whether tall or short, you can adjust the chair so that your feet are flat on the ground and your knees are comfortably angled.
  • Seat Depth Adjustment: Adjusting the seat depth guarantees that your thighs are supported and your back is against the backrest.
  • Armrest Height and Width Adjustment: Ergonomic features support your arms while relaxing your shoulders, preventing shoulder and neck pain.
  • Backrest Height and Tilt Adjustment: Support the natural curve of your spine and relieve pressure on your lower back.

Feature #4: Breathable Fabric
When we are anxious or tired, most of us sweat profusely—so uncontrollably that even a 17-degree Celsius air conditioner cannot stop us. Hence, a breathable fabric chair, such as a training room chair, executive office chair, boardroom office chair, etc., can assist you in maintaining a calm disposition by promoting air circulation.

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