Axis Single Workspace


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Axis Single Workspace.

AXIS office environments create a sense of community & space and support dynamic changes in workplace technologies while evolving work practices. The Axis straightline desk is available in worktop sizes of 1200mm - 2000mm x 600mm - 900mm. Featuring a 50mm x 50mm frame and 50mm x 25mm rail in your choice of black or white high quality powderdoat and finished with a 25mm Studio White or New Oak worktop with matching PVC edge. Featuring an 80mm height adjustment in each foot. Also available in larger cluster combinations, please see other listings or email

  • Ten year warranty.
  • GECA Good Environmental Choice Australia Certified.
  • Assembly required.

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1200mm x 600mm, 1200mm x 750mm, 1500mm x 600mm, 1500mm x 750mm, 1600mm x 600mm, 1600mm x 750mm, 1800mm x 600mm, 1800mm x 750mm, 1800mm x 900mm, 2100mm x 900mm


Black, White


New Oak, White