Agile Flip Table Frame Only


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Agile Flip Table Frame Only.

Perfect for any versatile space or training room is the Agile flip table. Available to suit worktop sizes of 1200mm Round or 1000mm to 2400mm x 600mm - 1200mm.
Available in a high quality black powdercoat finish to legs, rails, pullbar and feet and featuring 2 locking swivelling castors the table incorporates an easy flip mechanism and safety stay upright locks for ease of storage. The solid flip mechanism is mounted on a frame that has two foot options and 4 rail lengths. Includes 2 sets of fliptable links. Worktop height of 720mm. Please note this is a frame only and worktops are available to purchase seperately, please see other listings.

  • Ten year warranty included.
  • Assembly required.

Please contact us on or 1300 362 045 for further assistance.

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