Axis Bar Leaner 2x Worktops


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Axis Bar Leaner 2x Worktops.

AXIS office environments create a sense of community & space and support dynamic changes in workplace technologies while evolving work practices. Perfect for creating the ideal lunch room or collaborative workspace is the Axis Bar Leaner Table. Measuring 1025mm high with a worktop available in sizes 2400mm-4200mm x 600mm-1200mm.
Choose from a white or black powdercoated 50mm x 50mm frame and 50mm x 25mm rails to all sides. Featuring a central foot rail 350mm above floor and finished in your choice of 2x 25mm Studio White or New Oak worktops with ABS edge. Also available in a mobile version with castors and a smaller 1x worktop version, please see other listings. Please note - 2400mm frames are single span frames and all other sizes are double span frames with a third inner support leg.

  • Ten year warranty included.
  • GECA Good Environmental Choice Australia Certified.
  • Assembly required.

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Black, White


New Oak, White