Freeway Mode Highback Executive Chair


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Freeway Mode Highback Executive Chair.

The ultimate in comfort and quality is the Freeway Mode Executive Chair. Featuring a soft, comfortable seat and back pads with webbed, sprung seat that is built to last. Made with a stainless steel frame and featuring removable armrests. Chair and zipp-on armrest covers upholstered in your choice of Black or White Eurotex PU. This chair is rated to hold 140kg.
The Mode chair looks both classic and contemporary in 21st century interiors. Their clean lines make them appropriate for all kinds of places. Executive models feature individually upholstered cushions and all models feature stainless steel tubular frames - truly timeless. Its aesthetic form is not coincidental: your body was the template for the Mode chair?s lithe silhouette. Its luxuriously padded seat and back, closely parallels that of the human body.

  • Synchronised tilting mechanism with weight specific tension control.
  • Luxurious upholstered cushions and removable leather arm covers.
  • Mirror finish stainless steel frame and removable armrests with hidden fixings.
  • Fully sprung seat base for outstanding comfort and support.
  • Complete family - highback, midback and visitor.
  • Seat Height - 430-510mm, Seat Width - 480mm, Seat Depth - 465mm, Back Height - 640mm.
  • Ten year warranty.
  • Assembly required.
  • Meets ISO14001 Environmental Management Standards.
  • Meets ISO9001 Quality Assurance Standards.
  • BIFMA Certified.

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